Be who you aspire to Be

People always tend to veer towards becoming who their surroundings want them to be. In the pursuit of the sense of belonging, we set aside who we are in favor of the readily-made molds of society.

When you wear another’s skin, how does it feel? An elephant cannot very well be comfortable in a mouse’s skin, or even a lion’s.

Each of us have his or her own path in this world. Each one of us was made for a special specific purpose that is uniquely ours. Why insist on wearing clothes that aren’t meant for you? Just as ill-fitting clothes cramp your style and hinder you from doing some things, so does the identity you are taking on account of belonging hindering you from being the amazing person you were created to be. Those labels and masks are hindering you from living your purpose on this earth and making the difference that only you can make.

Be you today. Don’t be afraid, we all must start from somewhere. Remember:

Ready or curious to know your purpose? Take the first step. I talked about it here.

God bless my dear! 🙂


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