Searching for Meaning

We all have busy, frenetic lives that whips us into an endless tornado of empty busyness and possibly meaningless toil. When you take some time off though and stop to think about life, ultimately you will stumble upon that one question: What am I here for?


Many do not know. They wander aimlessly, taking life for granted without interest in completing themselves as they have yet to know themselves either due to laziness or because they are too caught up in living that they fail to live anymore. They are deceptively content with the shallowness of their existence, mainly because they never thought to ask and search for a deeper meaning to life.


Some have an idea, but are convinced that they aren’t equipped to follow it yet. This is just plain sad, because they do not realize that they have already been given what they need to fulfill their purpose, they just need to open their eyes and trust the Provider who has put them here, and who is wonderfully able to supply everything we need and even more.


Still a lot have the wrong idea that was subtly imposed by society, peers, and the media. The pursuit of “the good life” or “the correct path” as deemed by external factors eats up all their strength, all their thoughts, all their time, and almost all their passion, leaving them drained and wondering why the pursuit of such things do not leave them fulfilled and complete. Soon enough, if they are lucky, they experience the emptiness that will prompt them to search for true meaning and fulfillment before they die.


And a very, very lucky few find their calling and passionately pursue it regardless of what people say, regardless of the seemingly scary obstacles blocking their way. They are not crazy or careless, as some may think. They are simply propelled by so much more than the empty promises of the world. They have found God’s plan in their life, and their journey to its attainment may be fraught with challenges, heartache, or strife, but at the end of the day, they are happy and fulfilled knowing that their lives have purpose and they are not living in vain. They know that in the end, their lives would have made a positive difference and they have done what they are made to do.

Young beautiful woman jumping with a scarf

Which one do you fall into?


Now where do you want to go?

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Of all my searches, I feel that Shakespeare’s words below most aptly encapsulates the meaning of life and its purpose.  meaning-of-life

We are made with special missions unique to us. Many may be able to do what you do, but they do not have your unique imprint on it. You may feel you are not aptly equipped, but you don’t need to be at this moment. Just say yes to God and He will equip you. Do not be afraid. Stop wasting your time and your life. Break through that mediocrity and start searching for meaning, and once you do, don’t let anything – even yourself – hinder you from pursuing it. Gogogo! 😉



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  1. Great post. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

  2. A great reminder to pursue our passions and calling. It’s not easy finding your purpose. One thing that has helped me is to follow and dig deep into things that I am curious about. This has led me down the path of finding what I am truly meant to do. Thanks for sharing.

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