Of Rainbows and Silver Linings


Every once in our lives, we encounter something that shakes us or makes us cry out in anger or frustration. Nobody is immune to it. I bet even the saints experienced anger and frustration, and the linked desire to shout out or lash out at anyone / anything.

I recently realized that wherever one is in life, there will always be cause for anger or frustration. Life is just peppered with it. And just like pepper, those feelings give a little spice to life. The real question is, however, how do you deal with them?

I understand that it’s pretty easy to vent and lash out when we feel angry or frustrated. In all honesty, that may actually seem to be the best recourse for such feelings. However, when we do vent or lash out, have you ever stopped to ask what it brings to the world?

I have not always been conscious at what I bring to the world. I was the type of person who focused more on what I felt, especially when I felt bad. I was too consumed of myself that I cannot think of others anymore.

The truth is, however, each thing we do brings something to the world. A kind word brings happiness to another. A sarcastic remark brings pain and shame. Understanding breeds love, while angry words bring hurt.

When you feel angry or frustrated towards someone or something, I advice you to step back for a while. When you know you are about to say something that is not nice, take a breather. Even just at the onset of hurt or frustration or anger, immediately seal your lips. Not forever, but give yourself time to let the bad feeling ebb. There is always something good in anything. There is always a higher purpose we may not know about right now…

When the smoke of anger or frustration clouds your judgment, stay still… because anything done with bad feelings never result to anything good. And sooner or later, what you bring out to the world will come back to you. So bring forth the good. You won’t regret it. 😉


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