Personal Realities

What is reality?

It is different for every person, and yet, each one feels that his or her reality is important enough to fight for.

I am no psychology major. Nor am I a sociologist. But what I see and observe speaks, and this I will share with you.


When we see the world around us, we often forget that our view is being broadcasted to us through prejudiced lens; lens that has taken on years of our own experiences and feelings and has thus been molded according to these.

When we see the world as someone else sees it, we feel a kinship that fills up our need for validation. In an effort to maintain this false sense of rightness, we shun some people and fight for ideas most barely grasp, or at all.

We forget that our sense of reality was borne out of the combination of our experiences and feelings, and since each person feels and experiences different things, our realities are mostly different from each other but with a few similarities with those who are near us… Who lived with us in our reality.

And so I wonder, how worthy is it to fight for our reality? How important is it, really, to disprove others’ realities? And in the first place, if reality is different for each one, why force others to conform to you? How worthy is it?

In a world where even identical twins are different, why expect others to live in the same life as you? We have an amazingly artistic, meticulous God. Let His plan unfold.


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