New Year’s Tale


For every year that passes, we find ourselves on the cusp once again of a new year. With each “new” year, we feel a fresh surge of hope. A longing for a fresh start fed by our belief that a new year can signal something new. That somehow, a new year can herald change.

My dear friend, it’s nice to have hope. It’s nice to find a fresh start. Know, however, that hope and fresh starts, change and goals, are not contained merely to the dawn of a new year. These things are readily available to you every day, every moment. You just have to step forward and claim them. Make them yours.

I know it may seem easier said than done, and it is. It is quite difficult to hold on to hope in the midst of a dark time. It is quite difficult to create a fresh start when you are in the thick of where you are right now. It is quite difficult to change when you are surrounded by your norm. And yes, it seems difficult to create new goals when current ones are not being met, or you are too in over your head in the present circumstances. I know it is easier said than done, but what thing that is really worth it is easy to do?

Dear friend, don’t let the world and your own limitations dictate only a limited time for you to reinvigorate and reestablish your self. Though new year has come and gone, if you haven’t made your life plans and resolutions yet, make them now! It is never too late until you put it off once again… then how will we know if you can still do it by then?


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