A Sliver of Light


When darkness comes into one’s life, it seems everything is hellish, isn’t it? When that sneaky darkness arrives, it tempts you to shrug off the mantle of goodness and be cloaked with mindful blindness. How easy it is, when one is being attacked, to just surrender and give up the fight. How easy it is, when one is surrounded, to just join the enemy rather than continue to battle for one’s cause.

We all get tired. We all get to the point when giving up just looks so much more easy and enticing than continuing the fight… that we lose sight of our who and why.

Who are you? Who are you fighting for? Why are you here?

That darkness is inevitable. Evil cannot let even one light shine in the face of the world, because even just one light is too dangerous. So they attack. They wage a sneaky war targeting all your weaknesses… because the darkness is watchful with where it can seep through. Finding your weakness and using it against you fantastically is their specialty. All with the goal of breaking you down, tiring you, turning you, and consuming the light that is within you.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/brennonreiling/fear/

But you have that light, and the Source is just within your reach. If you keep close to the Source, you will not be defeated. Even when your light gets downed by the enemy, it will flare again. And your light, delicate yet fiercely protected, will pierce through others’ darkness. That one light could spread like wildfire, weakening the darkness to dwell in the shadows and the holes.

Just as one sliver of light can revive your hope and belief in the good, so will your light do for others held by darkness.

That is how powerful just one light is.







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