The World is Crap


The world is crap. One can see manifestations of its crappiness everyday. Seeing it, observing it, one finds the root of it all: humanity. Or rather, the darkness in each human. When that darkness overcomes the human even in just one minute, it spells the spread of that darkness like a creeping virus eager to penetrate its prey.

One infects ten, the ten infects another ten, and so on and so forth. Until the stealthy darkness creeps over each one in the sphere of influence of that one human, seeking entrance and reign in that one’s feelings, emotions, life.

The world is crap. One always needs to struggle to keep out that darkness, or to lock it somewhere far, far away. The darkness that urges one to love the self even at the detriment of others. The darkness that heightens one’s emotions of anger, jealousy, self-pity, and hurt. Yes, that darkness that causes one to look even at those who truly loves you with spite, with pride, with doubt. 

Suddenly the world is a dark place. There is ugliness even in beauty. One always has to watch out because there may always be trickery. Nothing is good. Solitude is a must. Chaos is brewed.

The world is crap, and when you encounter the darkness, you see it more. But that darkness shouldn’t make one stop. That darkness shouldn’t be allowed to mess one up. The world is actually what one makes it out be. What is inside actually dictates what the eyes will see.

So is the world crap? Look inside of you, then answer that.

Photo Credits:  alexsvirid




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