Simple Joys :)

Remember when bubbles were magic?
Remember when bubbles were magic? 😉

I’m a sucker for simple joys. I find that in a world that is far from our ideal, it is very important to find our joy even in the littlest of things not just to maintain a happy mien, but to maintain true sanity.

Are you familiar with the old saying, “It all depends on whether you see the glass half empty or half full”? I believe that. It is not about the item – whatever it is. Everything around us is as we perceive it to be.

What are you?
What are you?

Some may argue that I can only say this because I am not in their respective situations. Maybe. But you are not in my current situation, yet I am certain that there is something similar between us: life. Do you know that even those who you think might be happy are mostly aren’t? It is so difficult to find a truly, and more or less permanently, happy person in this world. It is not because we lack things that could make us happy. No. If you look around, you will see that there is still beauty and miracles even in the darkest days.


Do you know why so many people are unhappy?

They have that milky film in their eyes. The one that obscures to them what has been given to them, yet highlights what they do not have. If they let that film be, it will ruin their lives. They will never be satisfied. They will always find that happiness is something that cannot be grasped for a long time. Or worse, that it cannot be grasped at all.


My prayer for you, dear reader, is for that film to be stripped off of your eyes. I pray that you would find the joy in the little things so that when the big blessings come, you will be ready to receive it. It will not be easy. Stripping off a leech never is. But once it’s gone, the sucking out of happiness will cease and eventually you will find that you are happier, healthier, and more positive. Start noticing the good in each month, then each week, then each day, and then, each moment.. train yourself up to that point when it is already automatic for you to think good, to think positive, and to see the wonderful in the mundane. You cannot lose in that. Just don’t mistake positive thinking with naïveté now, otherwise you might get into trouble.. 😉


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